A 3D visualisation and mapping tool designed for enterprise sales, pre-sales and transformation teams.

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We pioneered the visualisation of non-physical, technology and data, to help you see and demonstrate, what others can’t.

Who we are

We’ve come from transformation and sales backgrounds and we wanted enable businesses to build a dynamic model that brings clarity to digital offerings and transformations. Our idea was to use 3D computer gaming technology to make it simple for everyone to understand even the most complex enterprise solutions.

What we built

EMMa3D is a 3D visualisation and modelling tool that allows you to view enterprise solutions on multiple levels of detail and demonstrate change over time. This makes it possible to connect granular details with systemic outcomes, demonstrate ROI, improve strategy and reduce delivery risk.

What our clients say



Virtual exploration by our customers prior to direct contact with our Sales team is estimated to be as high as 80% of their learning. EMMa3D is a game-changer and gives us a significant competitive advantage in leading our customers along their buying journey. The 3D graphical presentation provides a compelling buying experience that leads to faster sales with better customer confidence. Capturing even small percentage increases in total market opportunities can lead to 100's millions in additional revenue. The data-driven, 3D, gamified experience provided by EMMa3D will have a significant, top and bottom-line business impact on our go-to-market.


Mike Scott
VP Siemens PLM Software

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EMMa3D has the ability to clearly show processes in a very visual manner – to allow non-technical and non-process individuals to easily grasp how things work or will work and makes it a fantastic tool to use. People who have expertise in the sector will be able to ‘see’ how the process works and quickly suggest improvements, when they may have struggled to get to this point using paper-based tools. The process fly-through is extremely valuable, making the process dynamic and tangible. With a fairly minimal amount of training, reasonably complex models and flows can be created and maintained.

DXC Technology

Joe Dainty
AGM - London Market Transformation at DXC Technology

Leadership team


Ian Pruden

Founder, CEO, CPO

Royal Marines Officer, JP Morgan, Barclays Executive


Matt Elsom

Co-Founder & CRO

23 years SaaS & IT Sales & Leadership

Our values

Given the enduring nature of principles, Matt Elsom and Ian Pruden, the founders of EMMa, have thought long and hard about them, and view them as things that we are prepared to die in a ditch over rather than compromise on. One of the main reasons to publish them on a public forum is to give anyone who deals with us the opportunity to see these principles so that if they feel we are not living up to them they can challenge us, and hold us to account.

We refer to the principles as our 'Sister' principles, from the acronym: SysTTTRR. The principles and underlying thinking behind each one are listed below:


We will consider everything from a systemic perspective. Our products and our thinking are aimed at helping people see both the macro and the micro aspects of their situation enabling them to see the 'big picture', whilst also being able to dive into detail where necessary. As such, we will always seek to consider not just the first order implications of our actions and thinking, but the second and third order implications, for ourselves and for the wider system in which we are both observer and participant.


We will always seek the truth, and we will speak truth to power. We will call it as we see it, and continually seek to see the world as it is, rather than how we wish it to be. This might make us unpopular at times, and perhaps somewhat blunt, but we value truth over feelings, substance over style.


We will be radically transparent, both with ourselves and with the outside world, we will have no dark secrets, or things that are left unsaid – Everything can and should be discussed. As such, if you have a question about us, or what we do - Just ask.


We will trust each other, and we will be trustworthy. If we say we will do something, we will do everything in our power to make it happen, we will consistently under-promise but over-deliver, and we will be straightforward, honest and up front in all of our dealings.


We will conduct our business in a way that seeks win-win outcomes for all involved, and which continually seeks to exchange goods and services with others for mutual benefit - We do not see the world as a zero-sum game.


We will base our decisions on data and evidence, not on dogma or tradition. We will treat beliefs as hypotheses to be tested not treasures to be guarded. We will challenge ourselves and our thinking and strive to ensure we remain an idea meritocracy.

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