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Getting stakeholder buy-in is crucial to success

Effectively conveying a vision to prospects or across your business is the first step to obtaining the buy-in you need to make it a reality. However, getting stakeholder approval can be a challenge, and there are numerous obstacles that need to be overcome in order to ensure that you're communicating your ideas effectively.

Common problems that prevent you from successfully communicating your vision

Missing vital details

Often when an idea or project is communicated, there is an overwhelming focus on the big picture. However, to get that idea off the ground, it's vital that you also communicate the finer points.

Not connecting the big picture

On top of outlining the finer points of your plan, you also need to explain in detail how each small step impacts the big picture outcomes in order to get sufficient buy-in from stakeholders.

Mundane media

Even if your idea is excellent in theory, presenting it using traditional reports or a PowerPoint deck can prevent it from standing out, making it harder to create the engagement and buy-in you need.

Lack of foresight

Getting people to buy into your project often requires demonstrating that you have a comprehensive understanding of the impact it will have in the long term, practically, technically and financially.

Breathe life into your vision with EMMa

EMMa’s dynamic 3D models can help you communicate a complex vision more clearly than traditional methods. With the ability to filter appropriately and visualise both the relationship between macro and microelements and change over time, colleagues and prospects alike will find it much easier to get on board with your ideas.

EMMa3D allows you to…

Share your vision in 3D

EMMa3D’s engaging and immersive models allow you to share the details of your vision with both internal and external stakeholders, helping you communicate all the most important aspects in a clear and effective manner.

Connect details to outcomes

With EMMa3D, you can share plans down to the minor details and demonstrate how these will impact organisational goals and objectives, all in a format everyone can understand, irrespective of their technical background.

Be clear and concise

With the help of EMMa3D’s visualisations, you can present your vision in a clear and easily digestible format that ensures stakeholders can engage with your plans, helping you obtain the buy-in you need.

Demonstrate long term understanding

You can use EMMa3D visualisations to communicate to stakeholders that you understand the connection between different stages and actions within your vision, thereby illustrating your long term thinking and knowledge of the overall project.

What our
clients say


Virtual exploration by our customers prior to direct contact with our Sales team is estimated to be as high as 80% of their learning. EMMa3D is a game-changer and gives us a significant competitive advantage in leading our customers along their buying journey. The 3D graphical presentation provides a compelling buying experience that leads to faster sales with better customer confidence. Capturing even small percentage increases in total market opportunities can lead to 100's millions in additional revenue. The data-driven, 3D, gamified experience provided by EMMa3D will have a significant, top and bottom-line business impact on our go-to-market.

Mike Scott
VP Siemens PLM Software

DXC Technology Logo

EMMa3D has the ability to clearly show processes in a very visual manner – to allow non-technical and non-process individuals to easily grasp how things work or will work and makes it a fantastic tool to use. People who have expertise in the sector will be able to ‘see’ how the process works and quickly suggest improvements, when they may have struggled to get to this point using paper-based tools. The process fly-through is extremely valuable, making the process dynamic and tangible. With a fairly minimal amount of training, reasonably complex models and flows can be created and maintained.

DXC Technology
Joe Dainty
AGM - London Market Transformation at DXC Technology

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