Reduce Time to Sale with 3D Mapping and Visualisation

Show all buying influences how you solve pain points in a way that they actually understand and it becomes easy to make a sale faster.


Technical solutions are usually hard to communicate quickly

Your IT solution includes multiple interlocking variables, stakeholders and requirements. Traditional PowerPoint decks cannot convey these details intuitively or efficiently. With new deals on the line, how can you cut down your sales cycle by quickly and easily communicating complex ideas in both an engaging and dynamic way?

Common problems that slow down the enterprise sales process

Lots of buying influences

Multiple stakeholders with different backgrounds and priorities can delay sales cycles from the outset. Ensuring everyone, including those with limited technical knowledge, can grasp your solution straight away will lead to buy-in earlier on in the sales process.

Poor communication

Failing to demonstrate your solution in a clear and concise manner leads to confusion, and questions being asked that could have been avoided in the first place. Prospects want to quickly and easily understand your solution so they can decide if it will be a good fit for them.

Lack of ROI validations

Failing to show concrete evidence of how your solution will add value can slow down the sales process. Prospects want a solid return on investment. A believable measurement of ROI is vital if you want to shorten your sales cycle.

Engaging your audience

Technology sales meetings can be boring, particularly if the solution is complex, multi-faceted and hard to understand. You need ways of presenting information that satisfy technical and non-technical users alike, and stand out from PowerPoint decks.

Provide clarity with intuitive 3D models

EMMa3D uses visualisations to show how complex technical systems interconnect. Zoom in and out to connect individual changes and larger outcomes, while only focusing on what’s relevant to the people in the room. By making it easy to understand the benefit of your solution, you’ll close more deals, faster.

EMMa3D allows you to…

Identify pain points

Visually map pain points in 3D and show the solutions you provide. Zoom in and examine details on a function, team or individual level, and jump back out to show connections to important, organisation-wide transformation.

Focus on what’s relevant

Show different stakeholders only what’s important to them from a single model of their entire organisation. Dynamic display options allow you to keep presentations simple without missing the bigger picture.

Demonstrate ROI

Use time-lapse functions to show change over time across your detailed model. Validate the results of investment on a direct and indirect level. Make it simple to see the value of implementation and its impact on the bottom line.

Stand out from the crowd

Engage your audience with stunning visualisations of your solution that are both engaging and memorable, and will set you apart from the competition. Make a strong first impression and help prospects move forward in the process.

What our
clients say


Virtual exploration by our customers prior to direct contact with our Sales team is estimated to be as high as 80% of their learning. EMMa3D is a game-changer and gives us a significant competitive advantage in leading our customers along their buying journey. The 3D graphical presentation provides a compelling buying experience that leads to faster sales with better customer confidence. Capturing even small percentage increases in total market opportunities can lead to 100's millions in additional revenue. The data-driven, 3D, gamified experience provided by EMMa3D will have a significant, top and bottom-line business impact on our go-to-market.

Mike Scott
VP Siemens PLM Software

DXC Technology Logo

EMMa3D has the ability to clearly show processes in a very visual manner – to allow non-technical and non-process individuals to easily grasp how things work or will work and makes it a fantastic tool to use. People who have expertise in the sector will be able to ‘see’ how the process works and quickly suggest improvements, when they may have struggled to get to this point using paper-based tools. The process fly-through is extremely valuable, making the process dynamic and tangible. With a fairly minimal amount of training, reasonably complex models and flows can be created and maintained.

DXC Technology
Joe Dainty
AGM - London Market Transformation at DXC Technology

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