Build Compelling Stories

Harness the power of visualisation and 3D models to communicate the true value of your solutions in a unique and memorable way.

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Stop building
sales decks

Do you really want to make new prospects sit through yet another PowerPoint presentation? You’ll probably generate hundreds of slides that fail to truly get your point across, especially when trying to communicate concepts like dynamic processes and change over time. In order to accelerate sales cycles, close more deals and grow margin, you need to stand out in a way that communicates technical and sometimes complex ideas with intuitive clarity.


Start demonstrating value

Intuitively show how your solution will impact a client’s business with a 3D model of the future state. Vivid animations grab attention and trigger a neurological response. As the brain interacts with a moving model, understanding and memory are optimised. What you get is a clear demonstration of how your solutions impact processes and outcomes over time, demonstrating ROI and revolutionising your sales pitch.


Built to simplify complex sales conversations

Identify your understanding of pain points

Map customer processes in 3D and highlight problems with the current state. Using visualisations and animations, you can pinpoint what’s wrong and how your future state provides an answer.

Validate ROI claims

3D visualisations show how your solution impacts individuals, processes and outcomes at each stage of deployment, and link that back to impacts on the bottom line.

Deliver something of lasting value

Provide access to your 3D models that can be shared within an organisation and help with decision making. Clearly communicate ROI and create a lasting impression.

Stand out from the competition

Unique and engaging 3D visualisations are a refreshing change from tired PowerPoint decks. Catch the eye and increase client buy-in from the outset.

And help you...

Accelerate sales

If you’re genuinely able to communicate the scope and value of your solution, to all buying influences, prospects will come to a decision faster. EMMa3D does this at speed. On average, people make sense of a 3D image 4x faster than a 2D image, and intuitive visualisations mean that your sales stories will draw clear lines between your solution and their pain points.

Increase average
deal size and win rate

Build trust with your customers by showing them that you really understand their business pains and how you can solve them. EMMa3D makes it easy to communicate how platforms and suites of products and services deliver ROI. Upsell to existing customers and win larger deals with more compelling and intuitive sales conversations.

What our
clients say


Virtual exploration by our customers prior to direct contact with our Sales team is estimated to be as high as 80% of their learning. EMMa3D is a game-changer and gives us a significant competitive advantage in leading our customers along their buying journey. The 3D graphical presentation provides a compelling buying experience that leads to faster sales with better customer confidence. Capturing even small percentage increases in total market opportunities can lead to 100's millions in additional revenue. The data-driven, 3D, gamified experience provided by EMMa3D will have a significant, top and bottom-line business impact on our go-to-market.

Mike Scott
VP Siemens PLM Software

DXC Technology Logo

EMMa3D has the ability to clearly show processes in a very visual manner – to allow non-technical and non-process individuals to easily grasp how things work or will work and makes it a fantastic tool to use. People who have expertise in the sector will be able to ‘see’ how the process works and quickly suggest improvements, when they may have struggled to get to this point using paper-based tools. The process fly-through is extremely valuable, making the process dynamic and tangible. With a fairly minimal amount of training, reasonably complex models and flows can be created and maintained.

DXC Technology
Joe Dainty
AGM - London Market Transformation at DXC Technology

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