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Increasing your win rate isn’t easy

Win rate is the prized metric in any sales team. It tells you how strong your product/market fit is, how well your sales team is performing, and whether you are targeting the right type of prospects. And it can always be improved.

Companies that drive up their win rate can grow their revenue without needing to grow their cost-base, thus also improving profitability. Sometimes growth only seems possible with increased investment in additional salespeople, with all the accompanying impacts: recruitment fees, valuable management time, sales enablement, territory assignment, etc. Increasing your win rate enables growth with none of these additional distractions and costs.

Common problems that prevent you from driving up your win rate


Even prospects that reach the final stages of the funnel can drop out at the last minute. If your communication isn’t clear, especially around ROI, you’re likely to come up against barriers.


It’s crucial that you’re able to outline the timeline for the execution of your solution. If you can’t, then the chances of prospects moving forward with you will be reduced.

Lack of

If your solution doesn’t clearly alleviate pain for your prospects, turning them into customers won’t be easy. You need to show them you’ve listened to their challenges and can help resolve them.


You need to invest time and effort in understanding your prospects. Demonstrating that you fully comprehend the complexities behind their operation and the potential for change over time can win trust and sales.

Create an immersive sales experience that drives up your win rate

In a competitive sales landscape, it’s often the company that can best communicate 1) that they understand, 2) what they do and 3) the ROI they can offer that wins the most sales. With EMMa3D, you can create an immersive sales process, one where you can communicate to prospects what your solution is, how it fits their current environment and the outcomes it can provide in the long term.

EMMa3D transforms your ability to…

Know what your prospects need

By demonstrating you understand your potential customers, the specifics of their organisation, and what success looks like for them, you can increase your conversion chances. EMMa3D helps you do just that.

Get to shared understanding

With EMMa3D, it’s much easier to provide clarity to all the buying influences so that when they shut their eyes, they all see your solution to their pains, the same way that you do.

Map your products into the prospect’s environment

Increasing win rate requires showing prospects you understand the environment into which you will deliver and that you have a convincing plan to roll out products and benefits in tandem, to achieve ROI.

Visualise ROI

Using EMMa3D, you can provide prospects with clarity around not only the ROI your solution offers but also how it does that so that your RoI is entirely believable, increasing your chances of making a sale.

What our
clients say


Virtual exploration by our customers prior to direct contact with our Sales team is estimated to be as high as 80% of their learning. EMMa3D is a game-changer and gives us a significant competitive advantage in leading our customers along their buying journey. The 3D graphical presentation provides a compelling buying experience that leads to faster sales with better customer confidence. Capturing even small percentage increases in total market opportunities can lead to 100's millions in additional revenue. The data-driven, 3D, gamified experience provided by EMMa3D will have a significant, top and bottom-line business impact on our go-to-market.

Mike Scott
VP Siemens PLM Software

DXC Technology Logo

EMMa3D has the ability to clearly show processes in a very visual manner – to allow non-technical and non-process individuals to easily grasp how things work or will work and makes it a fantastic tool to use. People who have expertise in the sector will be able to ‘see’ how the process works and quickly suggest improvements, when they may have struggled to get to this point using paper-based tools. The process fly-through is extremely valuable, making the process dynamic and tangible. With a fairly minimal amount of training, reasonably complex models and flows can be created and maintained.

DXC Technology
Joe Dainty
AGM - London Market Transformation at DXC Technology

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