Intuitive and Dynamic 3D Visualisations

Create detailed and flexible 3D models and visualisations to demonstrate ROI, delivery strategy and change over time within enterprise sales and transformation.

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Create a model of your solution that everyone understands

EMMa3D allows you to capture every relevant detail of your product and delivery plan to transform selling, communication and execution.

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Step 1

Model your

Centralise access to information and represent as much or as little detail as you want regarding your product, the client’s environment, or the situation that is to be transformed, within a scalable and dynamic 3D model.

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Step 2

Add processes, teams
and roles

Clarify how transformation will be achieved and what its impact will be by adding roles, teams and responsibilities to the model. Zoom in on specific processes to illustrate detail, or zoom out to gain a systemic perspective.

Step 3

Animate processes
over time

Go beyond static diagrams to show how people, processes and technology engage over time. Use dynamic visualisations that demonstrate, in a literal sense, how your strategy will be executed and the improvements it will deliver.

Step 4

Connect the dots to a
better future

The timeline function in an EMMa3D model enables a shared understanding of how a current state transforms into a future state, and all the stages to get there. Improve sales communication and reduce delivery risk with dynamic visualisations that connect the dots between actions and outcomes.

Reveal multiple
levels of detail

Dynamic 3D models allow you to capture every relevant detail of your project in a single-source-of-truth, but only reveal what’s important at the moment. By zooming in and out of your model, you are able to seamlessly jump between a systemic perspective to granular details, and easily demonstrate the connection between the two.

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Demonstrate the
value of action

Clearly show the relationship between the existing state, change to a future state and all the relevant metrics that will be affected and delivered, whether you’re selling to a client or delivering a project. By using EMMa3D to get everyone to shared understanding you remove outstanding questions and anxiety and enable decisions for change to be made.

How emma Demonstrate

Next generation selling, strategy and execution with EMMa3D

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